Second-hand machine Trader

Second-hand machine trader warehouse – France

Second-hand wood, aluminium and PVC machine-tool Trader in France. Upgrading and control operations before resale.
Business established in 1980.

600 machines in stock. 480 machines sold in 2017.

The sale concerns 100 % of the shares.

Audited Equity 2017: 1 200 K€ including part of exploitation premises (2.500 m² out of 5000 m²). The rest of the premises are hold by a real estate company owned by the Sellers.

The business has 12 employees + 2 managers.

Second-hand machine trader premises – France

Second-hand machine trader office – France

Second-hand machine trader workshop – France

In case of interest, please contact Mr Gaudry +33 699 37 58 27 or through the form underneath.
We speak english !
Any serious demand will be considered