Our agency Fees

Our company invoices its work according to the following missions :


  • This type of billing generates fees bound to the time spent on the mission and the difficulty of the case. An estimate sheet will be transmitted to the client before putting in an order (tariff: 90 € V.A.T. included /hour)

This work gathers 3 different types of fees :

  • Fisrtly, entrance fees at the time of the order : Those fees are charged for registration, analysis and former researches. It is also a good mean to know if the client is carrying a serious project (from 500 € to 3.500 € V.A.T included)
  • Secondly, success fees corresponding to a % of the sale price up to 7 % for small businesses
  • Finally, hour fees for specific work and missions (90 € V.A.T. includes / hour)